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SMART Overflow Volume Estimation Workbook

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Product Description

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Go beyond scratch paper and loose forms with Defensible Overflow Volume Estimation

Designed by engineers and wastewater professionals, the SMART Workbook is the only book you will need to calculate and document defensible overflow volume estimations. The SMART Workbook is a fully compliant bound book including:

  • 14 calculation methods
  • Diagrams
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Calculation formsjim-quote.gif
  • Method selection guide
  • Estimation summary
  • NCR forms for routing (10 2-copy NCR forms for each calculation method)


What is the SMART Workbook?
  The SMART Workbook is a step-by-step guide through the process of estimating and documenting sewage spill volumes.  These worksheets are supplements to be included with agency-required sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) documentation and are not intended to cover all of the information required to document and report an SSO.    Keep in mind that the agency’s Overflow Emergency Response Plan (OERP) and the procedures contained therein must be consistent with the SMART Workbook if the SMART Workbook is going to be relied upon and used by the agency for responding to and documenting SSOs. 

Who was the SMART Workbook created for?
  Collection system operators.  A collection system crew’s first concern is to efficiently and effectively reduce the effects of a sanitary sewer overflow.  But crews hold some really valuable information— they are there, witnessing the spill, talking to residents, and responding to the spill using considerable knowledge and experience.  The SMART Workbook is the easiest way for crews, and even experienced engineers, to collect and record that information so they can provide the agency with accurate and well-documented information.  

The SMART Workbook increases the agency’s level of professionalism by using state-of-the-art spill estimation tools and procedures.  Using the SMART Workbook can dramatically increase the knowledge and skill level of collection system field workers, and it guides engineers through accurately documenting estimations.  

Why is solid documentation necessary?
  The landscape of SSO Volume Estimation is changing.  There is an increasing demand for more accurate, and better documented, spill volume estimation.  Regulators and stakeholders such as regulatory bodies, the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are looking more closely now than ever before.  

Someone in the agency may have to explain the crew’s documentation during an audit or inspection.  They will need to defend the methods for calculating spill volume.  How was start time established?
rvsd-quote3.pngHow was the rate of flow determined?  Remember, it’s not what is reasonable to the agency, but what the regulators deem reasonable.

Regulators want to verify the accuracy of certified data.  They will review agency methodologies, calculations and procedures for how spill volumes were calculated.  Solid documentation is an essential piece of the puzzle. In fact, procedures for handling spill volume estimates are often a large focus of onsite audits.      

How does the SMART Workbook help?
  The requirement for diligent estimation and documentation presents a challenge to crews in the field as they work to address a spill. The SMART Workbook equips crews and engineers with tools for:

  • Capturing the essential information  
  • Performing calculations
  • Documenting the estimation process 

Documenting overflows with the SMART Workbook also helps the agency: 

  • Comply with stringent permit requirements
  • Provide information critical to successfully responding to field audits
  • Defend information in litigation
  • Provide key information required to track ongoing SSO reduction performance





Product Videos

SMART Sewer Overflow Volume Estimation Workbook (03:29)
DKF Solutions Group introduces a comprehensive workbook for field crews and engineers to use to calculate and document defensible sewer overflow volumes. The workbook was developed in response to increasing demands on wastewater collection system operators to improve the accuracy and documentation of their spill volume estimates. The SMART Workbook includes 14 different calculation methods, each with a supply of 2-copy carbonless forms for documentation and routing. Step-by-step instructions, fill-in-the-blank forms, diagrams, photos and tables are used to create a hands-on tool that crews and engineers can use to quickly and consistently determine estimations. The workbook also includes forms for start time determination, estimation summary, and SSO reporting, as well as guides for method selection and regulatory notification. For more information go to: http://www.dkfsolutions.com/SMART.
  • SMART Sewer Overflow Volume Estimation Workbook
    DKF Solutions Group introduces a comprehensive workbook for fi...

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